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I've jumped... don't know how to surf... but I love the ocean!

I've jumped... don't know how to surf... but I love the ocean!

It’s 5am Dublin time - but I’m in Cologne so its 6am. I do most of my good work between 6am and 10am. I’m a morning person - never knew that. I worked 10 years in a Pub going to bed at 3am and getting up at 10am. Not any more… that life is over although I loved it.

This morning is not normal - it’s the morning after the night before. Last night I jumped. Last night I finished planning my route to market for Tabla and then I jumped. I thought about it for a few days, then built the infrastructure and then executed it last night.

For those that have never done it, it’s like the moment you decide - I’m going to ask her out, or you just straight out ask for the business, or the moment you stop fretting and just get on with doing. It’s both liberating and frightening. You become incredibly vulnerable.

We are always going to look for the safe route. The easiest and safest point of entry. If you have the time and the funds then that is very much the prudent choice. I have neither. What I have is a cracking idea. An idea that has the potential to change the World of Pubs - an ocean I can no longer swim in. But I’d like to sail that ocean or surf it if she will let me.

The blue ocean that is the World of Pubs is what I was born to navigate. Anyone who knows me would agree - I was born to party - to host parties and deliver entertainment. But I cannot change the World of Pubs one pub at a time. I can only help them by delivering a Value Innovation which scales and grows virally and is free to the industry and its users. A solution that only grows based on the value it adds. As my granny would have said… no foal no fee.

So I’m in mid air now, the ocean waiting to devour me. I have pressed the button and the chosen route to market strategy is in play. And true to form it’s another crazy idea from yours truly. In order to find the pubs I want to share my free platform with - I have created with a view to finding the #worldsgreatestrugbypub. We will hold the 1st rugby Pub World Cup from Sept 20 to Nov 3rd and announce the winner at Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon on Nov 4th.

So I’m diving into the ocean of the fans - asking them to nominate their Best Rugby Pubs in each city. I’m using the fans so that they tell me which pubs I should consider. The list of pubs in each city has been derived using a logic and Google algorythms but each submission also enables a Wild Card Entry. This is something I realy like. The pub going rugby fan can nominate and rate a pub they have experienced anywhere in the World. This is unusual because we are unusual. We are driven with a genuine pupose to deliver a Value Innovation and change the World of pubs.

It’s now up to the fans. They have no idea how valuable their votes are. In fact - if I had funds I would pay them but that would not be right - it would go against my philosophy of business. I believe there are people out there like me - who want to go watch rugby in their local pub with the mates but it it’s too difficult for the big matches. Sometimes you want to be with a crowd even though the game is at 8am! I believe there are pub owners and managers who like me want to offer their best tables to the best possible groups of fans. Pubs who want to offer the best service to those who appreciate it most. It’s pure business - simple logic - it’s the Tabla platform. Tabla does NOT book or reserve… it sells tables with prepaid bar tabs to people thirsty to pay! Yes - simple - but the magic is in the platform. The ease of use, imeplemenation, zero cost and future of possibilities.

I have something very special that pub goers will love but I cannot go to the pub goer. My service is free for all to use but it must be adopted by the pub. And so this is why I have jumped into the ocean of the fans with no life jacket.

The ocean is roaring white with crashing waves… I won’t even make a splash. I’ll sink deep down into its calmer blueness gradually pulled up inch by inch with every vote.

Shit… now I’m scared!

Although i’m Android through and through I love this man and he inspires me.

Bass Beers Caffrey's Irish Ale-x

Bass Beers Caffrey's Irish Ale-x