Always Be Closing - Sales Strategy in a local Pub

Always Be Closing - Sales Strategy in a local Pub

Every business must sell to survive. There are all different types of Sales.

The are the walk ins, the accidentals, the group decision , the impulse and many more.

My favourite of all is the strategic sell. This is where you develop a long term strategy and move one tactic at a time, over a long period each time getting closer and closer to the goal, not the sale… but the original vision. Every day never forgetting the “Gol”den Rule.

Always Be Closing.

For the 2012 World Cup I created a campaign called “Your Enclave Awaits At Slattery’s” . The idea was to create Country Specific Fan Zones within areas of the Pub. To do this I blooked off sections of the pub and replaced all pictures with posters of famous players or scenes from the countrys’ football history. I even brought in specific drinks to suit the fans and had staff dress with the tops of each team.

On April 25th I tested this out with the Fan Group I really wanted. The Germans. They were well chosen. There was a good lot of them around, they tended to do well in championships and… they enjoy beer. There was a German Cup Final on a Wednesday evening and we had a huge amount of Corona that was taking up too much space in the cellar. I had alss built up a good relationship with a German Team, Lokomotiv most of whom worked in Google. They competed with us (The Slattery’s Team) in Socia Sports Intersevens Leagues. Together we had played in many finals and our teams alone raised over €25,000 for charity.

One night, I spoke to them about my plan. To create enclaves for fans and to eventually become a Mecca for sports. So I sent an email on this day and told them the German Final would be shown in Slatterys, in the Upstairs Bar with a drinks promotion and… commentary in German. All I wanted in return was feedback. Thie feedback was invaluable as it helped me tp tweak things as my sales strategy progressed.

By the time the Eurpean Champions of 2012 came around I had implemented the enclave for the Champions League Semi-Finals and Final and I had Bayern Munich in both of those with Spanish and English teams also involved. My enclave system was perfected.

From then it was a simple system with an instant feedback loop. I understood it better each time, tweaked certain parts and improved. 2013 was the only rest year. This is when there are no major world tournaments during this year we redeveloped the property and built the Back Bar.

On January 5th 2014, I set my stall out.

The timing of kick offs are vital .

The timing of kick offs are vital .

The Pack @ Slatterys 2014

The Pack @ Slatterys 2014

I knew the 2014 World Cup Kick-off times where abslutely ideal and I built up everything around it. Everything we did was focused on the 2014 World Cup and now I had 14 different areas to fill as the Bar Back was ready. Of coure I knew that we also had a Rugby World Cup in 2015 followed by a European Championships with Ireland possibly inlcuded in France 2016.

For the 2014 World Cup I developed another innovation. SlaTTSlip - This is for another post but it made the 2014 World Cup my single biggest learning experience regarding the dynamics of groups enjoying sport in pubs. I’ve learned lessons that very few have experienced.

I was very lucky - but fortune favours the Brave. Germany won the 2014 World Cup beating France, Brazil and then Argentina in the Final.

Slatts post 3.png

The Enclave and SlaTTslip marketing systems paid off and I had achieved my goal of delivering an absolute dream day to the German Fans. On a balmy Sunday Night in July, a full 2 years from when the idea was first hatched we generated more money on a Sunday night than we did from having 50,000 ppl at the Aviva Stadium for a concert in 2011.

Again I was lucky, 2015 when Ireland won the 6 Nations Championships and we ended up on the 9pm news.

It was of course not until 2016 when the full value would kick in. It was an amazing sight, to see German Fans walking away from town and towards their new football Mecca,… Slattery’s Pub.. Germany sailed into the QTRs where an increble penalty shootout against Italy paved a way to the Semi-Final v France.

Slatt post 5 ita v ger.png

None of this would have been possible without the help of Holger Densborn, the Lokomotiv Captain who not only became and excellent contact but also gave me invaluable feedback when I began developing the VIP Table Idea. That idea is for another blog post

As a famous leader once said “I love it when a plan comes together”.

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