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My David

My David

This week our project finally begun. A team has been assembled and our piece is almost ready. Its a piece that won’t ever be finished but will give value to everyone that experiences her.

Starting on this new adventure I addressed an email to my team of 5.

Head of Community, Joe Sheppard, Coach Coordinator Elena Cordero, Product Manager Nishtha Baweja, Pub Coach Kate Kiernan and treasurer, investor and chairwoman Barbara Shanahan.

“Ok... Tonight we launch the Rugby Pub World Cup Tournament. Its starts tonight. Live at DTwo.

Before I go on.

Please read the article. We are doing the same thing. We are taking a large unwanted industry. An industry that people walk all over all the time. Where parasites like deliveroo, yelp and just eat simply rake a margin or 20 to 30% and are slowly strangling her.

The industry is like one piece of unshapen rock. stuck in the dark ages. Unable to break free.

I am the sculptor. I don’t see the rock, I see the perfection possible within it. A beauty so incredible it will transform this industry and spark a revolution. A new 4th industrial revolution that is not about disrupting industries... it’s about elevating them.

As I chip at the rock - it hates me. The rock hates the sight of me. Every morning she dreads my appearance. But I know… I know in my heart that I love her. That I will do her no harm. I know she feels discomfort but I know it will be worth it. And even when I have chipped away at 50% of the rock she hates me even more. And now everyone hates me as the old rock is not the same any more.

But then... then one day a foot appears... and then a leg and the art is revealed inch by inch. The transformation begins. both in the rock and in the minds of the passers by.

The art we build will never die. It will mean something to every person that ever experiences it. It’s a thing of wonder. And people cannot contemplate that this incredible piece of stone was the same as the rock that no one paid attention to.

I will achieve what I have started. We will change the World and we will enjoy every single glorious minute of it.

Your servant and leader,

Alex Cordero

My Sure Thing...

My Sure Thing...

I've jumped... don't know how to surf... but I love the ocean!

I've jumped... don't know how to surf... but I love the ocean!