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Why your Sales Wheel is NOT turning

Why your Sales Wheel is NOT turning

You're no longer just a pub - you're a brand which can sell 24/7 if you allow the sales wheel to roll freely"

Most Pubs and Restaurants have all the right ingredients. They have made investments in Phone, Email, Website, Social Media and some Analytics. Many of these businesses have created successful pubs and restaurants - in fact that is the main reason why their selling wheels cannot turn freely.   

These businesses have been too busy to go beyond their normal website, to look at diverting their landline to a house mobile phone, to creating posts on their website and then linking to social media and to add proper analytics so that they can measure the fruits of their posts.

The typical business owner or manager will have a fair idea how many people entered their shop but not how many visited their website.  Their single most important sales tool is still an analogue phone that chirps as if it has a cold! They are still collecting their info@ emails on outdated computers  based in cellars that employees hate accessing.  They have a website which is gorgeous to look at but they need to call an engineer if they want to change a single menu item.   

Many of these businesses are paying "agents" for advertising, reviews, bookings, promotions and IT management when they can easily do this themselves.  They are giving away chunks of margin as well as the opportunity to connect with their own customers in a new way with a full 360 degree view of the customer journey.

It's simply not good enough to say your not technical.  Nothing is that technical anymore.  If you are a business owner/manager you need to be on Social Media - if you are selling to the public there is no choice. But to get your wheel turning you need all the spokes working together, each the appropriate size to the next and  forming that perfect shape that wheels so easily. 

Spend 6 months focusing on how the spokes; phone, email, website, social media, analytics and shop above work together to get your sales wheel turning freely.  There are people that can guide you. It will be a steep learning curve but NOT an expensive one and once you've reached the plateau you can free wheel for years! 

Slattery's Pub chooses G Suite

Slattery's Pub chooses G Suite

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