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In the world of Food & Drink, an Irish Bar Manager who has no baggage is like a Brazilian attacking midfielder - Golden.

In the world of Food & Drink, an Irish Bar Manager who has no baggage is like a Brazilian attacking midfielder - Golden.

This Friday night (Original Post was Jan 23rd 2016) , my most senior staff member will work his last night in Slattery's Pub.  He has decided to follow his heart and chart his own path overseas.  To be fair, it is his time, and he has given us 110% these last 9 years.

But what of all his experience? his knowledge and expertise? How will we replace him?


Had Michael decided to leave 12 months ago – I would probably have died.  Genuinely.  In the last 10 years Slattery’s Pub has grown up, out and back! Our first and second attempts to develop the extended area were based on tried, tested and successful methods that suited turning a pub around but managing a business with 5 bars, 4 times the staff and 10 times the complexity needed a different approach.

On a cold November night a wise man told me what I needed to hear.

“It’s not working, your killing yourself and making our lives hell”

That man was Michael Murphy and those words saved my life.

 From that moment on, I began to analyse my role. At the same time I began to delegate. At first it was the simple stuff ;) The Wages, The Rosters, The Orders.  And it wasn’t easy. Mainly I saw that others actually liked doing this type of detail oriented work and they performed the tasks better and faster.  Also, I saw people feel more empowered and less stressed in their roles. Within a few months I had delegated everything. I went through a couple of months where I felt utterly useless.  I wondered if I should change career.  I’m a high achiever but I wasn’t going backwards. The change seemed right but felt awful.

I had noticed that I had an addiction to work. Not productive work – just work.  Work was my escape.  I love my work – but which type of work?  


Michael was doing my job better then I was. The business and our staff were more relaxed , less stressed yet more productive.

And then out of the blue it came to me. The Idea. The idea on which we are building our next phase of growth. Since then, I have not stopped working. In fact I’m working now more then ever but better focused and miles more efficient.  I’m doing what I was born to do – but that post is for a different day.

For now I want to thank Michael – his words saved my life.

I found Michael working in a nightclub. I knew of him as a young local lad and he seemed honest. When I saw how well he was working, I asked him to call into Slatterys. 

The next 9 years were spent in the trenches. Some days in the sun and others in the shade but always learning. I’m a creative – my mind flies around and I cannot sit still. Michael is thoughtful and energy efficient. Michael has added tremendous value to our company and my life. He has of course become a good friend. A proper friend.

To anyone lucky enough to meet Michael or even more fortunate to work with him, you will find someone who is their own man and no matter what you say will add value to the conversation or idea.

I am confident our paths will meet again. Unless of course you get there first.

In the world of Food & Drink, an Irish Bar Manager who has no baggage is like a Brazilian attacking midfielder - Golden.

Oh – I almost forgot. How did we replace him?  We hired 2 x Duty Managers, a Technology Manager and an Events Manager. Yes, he’s that good.

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